10th Muharram (Part-2): Companions Fulfil Their Promises

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Hurr: The Free Soul

Hurr, as committed by the Imam, was allowed to be the first on the battlefield. Before he attacked, he gave a speech admonishing the enemies. He recited these lines of poetry:

“I am Hurr, and I am a refuge for the guests. I strike your necks with my sword, defending the best human being who walks the earth”.

He fought bravely and killed over 40 fighters. When he fell as a martyr, the companions of Imam Hussain carried his body to the Imam. Imam cried, wiped the dust and blood from his face, and said,

Your mother named you Hurr (free). You were free in this world and will be happy in the hereafter.

Wahb: The Newly Wed Warrior

After Hurr, Wahb al-Kalbi took permission from the Imam and headed to the battlefield. He said, “If you do not know me, then I am the son of Kalbi. I am a strong man who does not turn his back to the battlefield. I will strike you and fight you.” As he was fighting, his wife came encouraging him; she said, “Fight! defending the best of people the progeny of Muhammad.” Moments later, he was fatally struck and embraced martyrdom.

Ibn Awsaja Fulfills His Vows

Many other companions fought bravely, and all embraced martyrdom. It was now Muslim Ibn Awsaja’s turn. He fought valiantly until he fell on the ground of Karbala breathing his final moments. Imam Hussain and Habib Ibn Mazahir walked close to him. Imam said,

May Allah have mercy on you, O Muslim! Among the men, some have fulfilled their vow, and others await the appointed time. They have not changed in the least.”

Habib approached him and said, “It is heavy upon me to see your death. Be glad as you’re going to heaven. Do you have a will for me?” Muslim pointed to Hussain and said, “My will is for you to defend him.”

Taking Arrows to the Chests

The time for the Dhuhr prayer came. Abu Thumama al-Saydawi said to the Imam: “It’s time for Dhuhr, and I wish to pray before my death.” The Imam said:

You remember prayers, may Allah make you among those who establish prayers.

The Imam led his companions in prayer while Zuhair Ibn al-Qayn and Sa’id Ibn Abdullah al-Hanafi stood before the Imam shielding him.

Sa’id was shot with 13 arrows, and as he fell to his martyrdom, he said, “O Allah send my Salam to Prophet Mohammad and tell him how I defended his grandson Hussain!

Zuhair Embraces Martyrdom

Zuhair Ibn al-Qayn set out to the battlefield, saying:

I am Zuhair the son of al-Qayn. I defend Hussain from you with my sword. Hussain is one of the Subtayns, from the best and most pure family, the family of the Messenger of Allah. I strike you and find nothing wrong in doing so!

He killed more than 120 men; then, he fell to his martyrdom.

Aabis Shakiri and Habib Embrace Martyrdom

Then, Aabis Ibn Shabib al-Shakiri headed to the battlefield and fell as a martyr. After him came Habib Ibn Mazahir. When he entered the battlefield, he said: “I am Habib, and my father is Mazahir. I am a horseman of the desert and a flaming fire. Your numbers are greater, but our proofs are greater.” He fought bravely until he fell to his martyrdom. Imam Hussain grieved over his martyrdom and said,

I bear witness that you were a virtuous man who would complete the Quran in one night.”

John, the Slave, is Tended by Imam Hussain

Many of the Imam’s companions headed to the battlefield one after the other, sacrificing their lives and falling as martyrs. Finally, John Ibn Huway took permission from Imam Hussain to head out to the battlefield. He entered, saying:

How do the disbelievers see the strike of the black man? The strike of the sword defending the family of Muhammad. I defend them with my tongue and hands, and I hope for Heaven on the day of judgment.”

Soon, he also embraced martyrdom at the hands of the enemy.

Imam Hussain put his cheek on his cheek, prayed for him, and asked Allah to unite him with Prophet Muhammad.

All companions of Imam Hussain had been killed now. Time had arrived for his family members to head out and fight.

The text for this series is prepared from the following reference books:

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