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In an era of information overload and depleting attention spans, it is difficult for many to take out an uninterrupted hour to listen to a lecture. But what if the best of an hour-long lecture could be presented nicely into a blog post?

What makes Thaqlain Guides Unique

Each Guide is concise and takes less than 10 minutes to read.

Thaqlain Guides are neither transcripts nor summaries; they’re meticulously-written blog posts, complete in their own right.

Every Guide is sourced from lectures of some of the most credible English-speaking scholars of the School of Ahlulbayt.

Each Guide explores a unique or pressing topic in light of the Quran and the sayings of Ahlulbayt.

“You must write down and spread your knowledge among your brethren. If you die, your children will inherit your writings. A time will come when people will face chaos, and they will find no comfort but with their literature.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq

(Al-Kafi, Vol. 1, Chapter 17, Hadith #11)

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Day 1

5 Key Features of Imam Ali’s Leadership

In memory of Ali Hussain Sayani & Noor Bano Click Here
Day 2

How to Fight Loneliness?

In memory of Syed Baqir Raza Click Here
Day 3

How to Invite People To Islam & Ahlulbayt?

In memory of Karam Ali Bande Ali Click Here
Day 4

Are Women Inferior?

In memory of M. Raza Sewani & Ali Asghar Khoja Click Here
Day 5

One Complain Our Prophet Has From His Followers

In memory of Hajj Ali Abu Abdal Rida Saleh Click Here
Day 6 Can a Muslim Feel Sad? In memory of Zehra Bano Click Here
Day 7 Are the Teachings of Islam Based on Logic? In memory of Farah Alansary & Ahmed Alansary Click Here
Day 8 Voting, Political Engagement & Islam In memory of Kissaie Click Here
Day 9 Feeling down? Listen to this! In memory of Hadjail Click Here
Day 10 How Many Children Allah Want You To Have? In memory of Roger Click Here
Day 11

2 Things Stopping You From Gaining Wisdom

In memory of Auring Click Here
Day 12

Why did Allah choose Arabia for Holy Prophet?

In honour of Kul Momineen o Mominaat Click Here
Day 13

For What Reasons Sexual Harassment is Prevalent in society?

In honour of Kul Momineen o Mominaat Click Here
Day 14 Can Modern Freedom Guarantee Good Life? In honour of Zakkiyya Muhammad Aly Siwji Haji & Fidahusayn Muhammad Aly Click Here
Day 15 Islam & Questioning Your Choices In honour of Zakkiyya Muhammad Aly Siwji Haji & Fidahusayn Muhammad Aly Click Here

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