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Like all our campaigns, we aim to bring you closer to the teachings of the Quran and Ahlulbayt through healthy activities. Please note the details below:


The Crossword is made from the chapter Imam al-Ridha’s Cultural Measures from the book Story of the Sun written by Sayyid Muhammad Yazdi Najafi. You can access the book here:


You can fill this Crossword at any time till Sunday at 8 pm GMT. Once you complete, take a screenshot of your filled Crossword and submit it to us on our WhatsApp (+44 7448 484651) along with your name.


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1. The founder of Sufism
2. The term for Zeolots amongst Muslims
3. Surah quoted by Imam Reza to explain zealots
4. Regarded as the enemies of Ahlulbayt by Imam Sadiq
5. The Islamic term for Allah’s authority
6. Mosque where Imam delivered sermon on Imamate
7. Person with Holy Prophet on the Day of Resurection like 2fingers
8. Paradise is eager to see Salman, Abu Dharr, Miqdad and
9. Tree that bore pearls, rubies and corals on the wedding of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima
10. After food, Imam Hussain’s head was placed in a tub and on the tub was placed a
11. For the weak, Hajj is
12. Visit Imam Hussain’s Shrine on this Day to return with delighted heart
13. Purpose of adding soil of Imam Hussain with clothes
14. The Prophet who prayed on first of Muharram

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