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In an era of information overload and depleting attention spans, it is difficult for many to take out an uninterrupted hour to listen to a lecture.

But what if the best of an hour-long lecture could be presented nicely into a 5-minute blog post?

What makes Thaqlain Guides Unique

Each Guide is concise and takes less than 10 minutes to read.

Thaqlain Guides are neither transcripts nor summaries; they’re meticulously-written blog posts, complete in their own right.

Every Guide is sourced from lectures of some of the most credible English-speaking scholars of the School of Ahlulbayt.

Each Guide explores a unique or pressing topic in light of the Quran and the sayings of Ahlulbayt.

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“You must write down and spread your knowledge among your brethren. If you die, your children will inherit your writings. A time will come when people will face chaos, and they will find no comfort but with their literature.”


(Al-Kafi, Vol. 1, Chapter 17, Hadith #11) Topic In Memory / In Honour Scholar Link
1 Women in Quran: A Reflection of Capable, Independent and Resilient Individuals In honour of Allama Nasir Abbas of Multan Sheikh Jehad Ismail Read Here
2 Quran’s Concept of Social Justice In memory of Ali Hussain Sayani Nazmina Dhanji Read Here
3 How to be a Person with Tawfiq – Insights from Imam Sadiq In memory of Karam Ali Bande Ali Sheikh Muhammed al-Hilli Read Here
4 The Heavenly Marriage: Etiquettes to Follow on the Wedding Night In memory of Shabbir Hussain Homayee Sheikh Nuru Mohammed Read Here
5 Do We Need The Prophet When We Have The Quran? In memory of Aziz Fatima Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi Read Here
6 Why Is Imam Mahdi Not Appearing? In memory of Roshan Ali Damani Sayed Ahmed Qazwini Read Here
7 Boycotts and Resisting Oppressors: Where do the Ahlulbayt stand? In memory of Syed Tahir Abbas Naqvi Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi Read Here
8 A Muslim’s Guide to Celebrating Christmas In honour of Bashir Damji Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani Read Here
9 Repetition in the Quran: Why Allah Reiterates Certain Stories & Statements? In honour of Rasha Bahsoon Sayed Hossein Al Qazwini Read Here
10 Tattoos on my Skin: Does Islam Have a Problem? In honour of Rasha Bahsoon Sayed Ahmed Qazwini TBA
11 Islam’s take on having pets In memory of Naser Raafat Sayed Muhammad Baqer Qazwaini TBA

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