Educating Children: Al-Warith Model Schools

Model Schools by Imam Hussain Shrine

Iraq has seen tumultuous years of Saddam Hussain’s rule, as well as the bloodshed and destruction brought on by the terrorist group ISIS. In these years, Iraq’s overall economy and general well-being suffered, and as a result, its educational sector also faltered.

After the defeat of ISIS, Iraq is experiencing a period of relative calm and peace that it has been yearning for. 

For many educational experts, now is the time to invest in the future of Iraq and redevelop its educational institutions.

Rebuilding Iraq’s Educational Sector

During Saddam’s rule, the development of districts that had a higher population of followers of Ahlulbayt were greatly neglected. For this reason, there was a growing need to rebuild these areas and lift up the neglected population.

The Department of Education of the holy shrine has been working in this regard. In a very short span of time, more than 10 elementary and high schools have been opened by the Department of Education and Training (Qismut Taleem wa Tarbiyah). 

It has several educational organizations working under it, such as the Imam Hussain School of Education and Al-Warith Educational Group. 

The Imam Hussain School of Education oversees all matters pertaining to religious and Quranic educational institutions run by the holy shrine of Imam Hussain.

Whereas, the Al-Warith Educational Group is particularly involved with building children’s educational institutions, including schools with special quotas for orphans. It was founded in 2013 to realize the vision of the holy shrine in the development of Iraq’s educational sector by providing model schools. 

They are called model schools because even though they teach the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education of Iraq, their teaching methods are advanced, applying the latest pedagogy techniques. They also make use of technology integration. Few additional subjects are also taught in order to enhance the cognitive and mental skills of the students. 

The Al-Warith group initially opened kindergarten schools across Karbala. It has 17 kindergartens and a nursery school as of yet. After the success of its kindergartens, it opened primary and secondary schools too. It is currently operating 4 primary schools and 2 secondary schools.

Primary schools: Faiz-ul-Warith Primary School for Girls in Karbala, Ata-al-Waris Primary School for Girls in Hillah, Babylon, and two other primary schools in Karbala.

Secondary schools: Rehanatul Warith Girls High School, and Asbaatul Warith Boys High School. These schools are part of the Al-Warith Educational Complex in Karbala. Built on an area covering 7000 square metres, each of these schools can accommodate 700 pupils.

Some of these schools have special quotas and free seats for orphans. Up to 25% of seats may be kept reserved for orphans.

Other Schools by the Holy Shrine

Aulaad al-Muslim School for Orphans

Named after Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel, this project covers an area of 1250 square metres and has 30 classrooms, science laboratories, a large library, chapel, sports hall, and cafeteria. 

The school also offers transport to students and teachers. All the services provided by the school are free of charge.

Ali Asghar School for Orphans

Covering 800 square metres, the school has 4 floors comprising 24 classrooms, a library, laboratory, and cafeteria. It can accommodate up to 450 students. Books, stationery, transportation, and meals – all are provided for free.

Zahra Islamic Center for Kids

A recent project by the holy shrine, this centre aims to impart Quranic lessons to kids aged 3 to 5 years. Subjects like Mathematics and English are also taught at the school. The centre currently has 65 children, but it aims to grow and create more schools like it.

Lady Ruqayya Kindergarten for Orphans

Named after the youngest daughter of Imam Hussain, this school has a capacity of 200 children. Orphans are provided with all recreational and educational services free of charge.

Lady Ruqayya School for Orphans

Located not far away from the old city Karbala, this school offers state-of-the-art equipment and school furniture. It also offers daily meals, transport lines, uniforms, health care, all for free. Students are also given monthly allowances to meet their needs.

Future Ambitions and Projects

Facilitating Orphans

The holy shrine of Imam Hussain has a range of future humanitarian and social projects, especially catering to the orphans. The shrine aims to establish specialized state-of-the-art universities that can receive graduates from orphanage schools through direct admission. This can help them move forward in their educational and employment career.


The Orphans School Complex (al-Salaam)

Once fully constructed, it will be the largest orphanage in Karbala, it covers an area of 25000 square metres. It will have a kindergarten and separate primary and secondary schools for boys and girls. It has multi-purpose halls, a mosque, a health centre, science laboratories, sports facilities and libraries.

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