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About Thaqlain

Thaqlain is committed to creating social media content that makes it flawless to learn the teachings of Quran and Ahlulbayt through entertainment and educational videos.

The sole aim is to improve your lives through Shia Islamic teachings that come to us through Quran and Ahlelbayt. Accountants and Advisors, Simplified Accountancy, 11 Willow Herb Close, Leicester, LE2 4QS

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About Thaqlain

Thaqlain Media is a Shia Islamic Media platform. We at thaqlain imagine a world where high-quality Shia Islamic teachings are spread through infotainment. We are a registered non-profit in the United Kingdom.


Thaqlain's Aim

We strive to be in a world where you do not have to take time out from your life to learn about Islamic teachings. We believe learning Islamic values can be done through entertaining and highly engaging educational videos.


Thaqlain's Goal

In today’s age, people are spending more time on Social Media than in Religious Centers. It is an excellent opportunity for creative content creators within the community to reach out the world with the teachings of Ahlulbayt.

We are your partner in making learning about the teaching of Quran and Ahlelbayt accessible.
In the past 12 months, this is how we have affected people's lives:
1000+ Feedbacks

1000s of comments and messages expressing gratitude for introducing the message of Ahlelbayt to them and implement their teachings as part of their lives.

3.6 M Views

We have racked up 3.6 million views on our Islamic Videos and gained 100,000 hours of  watch time, Islamic educational videos watched on our channel.

Our future projects achieve continuous growth our targets are as follows:
  • Thaqlain Mobile app where your religious and social excellence is taken care
  • Create Islamic explainer 2D and 3D animation videos
  • Create a YouTube channel for kids to propagate Islamic knowledge
  • Creating a specified database for all Islamic content accessible for everyone
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What People Says

Mashallah All of you are doing an amazing job and the best job in this world…By truely serving the ahlulbayt The best of Gods creation. Millions of blessings …

United Arab Emirates

Your channel is inspiring to people all over the world, literally. I am in awe of how far you have come and how dedicated you are as a team.

Mahdi Virjee
United Kingdom

Thaqlain Media videos has improved me as a Muslim and I pray for you guys to always be successful in continuing to strengthen peoples Imaan.