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Inspired by the Prophetic Narration of Thaqalayn, we believe these two have the answers to all modern-day challenges. We aim to present the multiple dimensions of the Quran and Ahlulbayt through digitally engaging campaigns.

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Helping people connect to the quran and ahlulbayt through interactive content, clips and engagement based activities
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Notes By Thaqlain

Presenting the multiple dimensions of the Quran and Ahlulbayt in written form
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Allah (swt) has blessed the struggling followers of Ahlul Bayt (as) in the modern world with the beautiful-hearted and dedicated team at Thaqlain. I thank you all from the depths of my heart. May Allah (swt) continue to bestow His Sustenance upon you and elevate your statuses with His Love and Mercy.

Fatimah IbrahimAustralia

The channel helps a lot it’s really a blessing may Allah swt bless you all. I wish I will be part of such achievements one day in sha Allah.

Zahra Rufa’i suleNigeria

Peace be unto you team Thaqlain. Remain steadfast in this mission of spreading knowledge and preparing the grounds of the coming of our beloved Saviour, Imam Hujjah (a.t.f). Pray for us and Inshaa Allah we will pray for all of you.

Hussein AbdullaUnited Kingdom

I am so proud of your work , something i was always dreaming to see done for shia community. I see my kids well connected to your program and they get update every days about our imams and they spread their knowledge in my house . Good luck and god give strength to keep going with your great job.

Laila FarhatUnited States

Excellent to see an Ithna Asheri group spreading religious teachings. Insha-Allah hope that you experience group and spread the correct religious teachings on an even larger scale.

Jawwad AliPakistan

Mashallah Jzakum Allah what a great initiative I learned so much from the Qari’s, ya Rab give them thawab x100. Nshalla this effort continues throughout the year.

Hadeel ThompsonUnited States

Thank You Thaqlain for all these beautiful events!

Sami NaqviCanada

A very noble cause! May Allah’s blessings continue for all those involved in this project.

Khalid MalikUnited Kingdom

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